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Preparing images for inclusion in scientific communication has long been a time-consuming, confusing and often frustrating endeavor. Research Imaging Solutions works to identify ways to streamline image preparation so researchers can maximize their time at the bench, writing grants and developing discoveries.

Research Imaging Solutions (RIS) positions digital imaging resources right where the research is being done: in Harvard Medical School's quad-based basic science departments. The convenience of these locations makes it easy for researchers to access digital imaging expertise when faced with research imaging questions. This accessibility and convenience is supplemented by substantial web-based assistance, making Research Imaging Solutions a 24/7 resource. Seminars, Workshops and printed training materials guide faculty, students, post-docs and lab personnel on supported imaging hardware and software products. Supported hardware and software packages includes: Adobe products including Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator; ACD Canvas; Microsoft Office applications including Word, PowerPoint and Excel; film recorders, slide and flatbed scanners, and color output devices such as color laser printers, poster printers and photo quality printers.


  • RIS skills training is based on the unique ways that researchers use proprietary scientific applications, Microsoft Office and a variety graphics programs to create, acquire and edit images that are included in grant applications, journal articles and presentations to the scientific community.

    RIS workshops and seminars are designed to build on foundations acquired through application training at HMS/IT and Harvard's Center for Workplace Development in Cambridge. Half-day workshops are free and address the specific imaging and presentation needs of researchers. Lunchtime Seminars are presented at no charge and cover topics including poster making, proper PowerPoint techniques and Photoshop tricks. Customized small group and one-on-one training is also available by contacting Research Imaging Solutions at

    Workshops and seminars are available for AMA/PRA category 1 credits. Consider inviting us to your next lab or departmental meeting for some customized training.

Online Documentation

  • Location-specific equipment guides: Imaging equipment within the Graphics and Imaging Labs located in Harvard Medical School's basic science departments have been documented to enable 24/7 access to guides for equipment operation
  • Research Imaging Solutions Workshop and Seminar training handouts, including templates for posters
  • Guides and Primers or the FAQ page for common research imaging issues

Support and Consulting

  • Let Research Imaging Solutions answer your imaging questions and help recommend hardware and software solutions for all your imaging needs. There is a Digital Imaging Specialist available to help determine the best workflow for complicated imaging projects and to help you manage difficult image files.
  • Downloads for freeware and shareware, links to software and hardware help as well as links to help you make informed decisions about equipment purchases and links to discounted hardware through Harvard can be accessed at the Research Imaging Resource Page
  • Graphics and Imaging eLetter (GIL). By signing up you will get an eLetter that contains seminar and class schedules, cool software tips and important updates. It's infrequent and minimally intrusive, so it won't clutter up your mailbox.
  • IMAGELIST. Sign up to discover solutions to imaging issues more quickly by participating in a forum where technical questions about software, hardware, upgrade issues and emerging technologies are solved. Participation also helps to build a searchable resource by adding answers to an existing imaging solution database; The IMAGELIST is a way economize on resources by not only providing quick solutions but also by creating a network of imaging professionals who may choose to share services and equipment assets. IMAGELIST members are professionals who handle digital image files while analyzing image data, preparing grant applications, creating web content, scientific publications and presentations, including PowerPoint and posters. The consortium focuses on software and hardware issues in creating, capturing, editing, designing and displaying digital images, video and other multimedia displays. Members include anyone located in Boston area hospitals, academic and research communities, who create or edit digital image files, including digital video (DV). The Consortium includes educators, administrators, researchers, graphic designers and instructors, consultants, troubleshooters, DV producers, official and unofficial departmental graphics gurus or anyone who has the occasion to handle digital images.

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