Adobe Acrobat: Selecting Text for Copying

Adobe Acrobat's Text tools allow you to copy information from an Acrobat document using the Select tool.

Note: Adobe Acrobat document protection MAY prevent you from copying text. The document creator can prevent text from being copied without a password. If you know the document creator you can request that they share the password with you or recreate the document without the password protection.

Selecting Text for Copying

You may want to select text from an Acrobat document to send an excerpt via email or to use as a text clip within a Microsoft Word document. To select text for copying to another application, use the Select tool. The Select tool is the second tool from the left on the Basic Toolbar:

If the Basic Toolbar is not displayed, choose View, Toolbars > Basic from the menu.

  1. Scroll to display the text you want to copy.
  2. Activate the Select Text tool by clicking Select on the Basic toolbar.
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the text you wish to copy. The mouse pointer changes shape to the “I-Beam” shape to indicate it is in text edit mode.
  4. Press and hold the mouse button and drag across the text to be copied.
  5. Choose Edit, Copy from the menu or press Ctrl-C for Windows or Command-C for Macintosh.
  6. Switch to the destination application and position the mouse pointer where the copied text is to be placed.
  7. Choose Edit, Paste from the menu or press Ctrl-V for Windows or Command-V for Macintosh.

Note: Text copied from Acrobat will not word wrap. Each line of text copied from Acrobat will end with a “hard return” or an end of line control character. You can use Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature to replace the unwanted end of line control characters with spaces.

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